RAW 12/06/04 (Off Air) Lita Celebrates after winning the title

Found this cool video of Lita celebrating after winning the Women’s Championship in the main event of RAW off-air. Sucks about the quality but it’s still pretty cool. Lita looks so happy and this was a big moment for her. So proud to be a fan of her. 

Btw, the year titled in the video is wrong. It’s 04 not 05 so I changed it in this caption. 😊

Saw it. This is something WWE should add to Lita video packages instead of the same exact crap over again. Great moment for Lita. Truly ground-breaking. 


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I’m so fucking irritated

Seriously I’m fucking mad.. Today fucking sucks for so many fucking reasons; one has nothing to do with me but I’m making it my fucking business.. and my problem, I’m just making it a bigger deal than it is because I can..
You best believe I’m going to bed mad as fuck.. and when I wake up there’s going to be hell to pay..

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